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I am Filckul Meghon, a passionate singer, entrepreneur, and community leader. My journey in the realms of music, business, and service to the community has been driven by dedication and innovation.

Early Life and Education:

Growing up in Dhaka, Bangladesh, my love for music blossomed early. I immersed myself in various musical genres and instruments, fueling my dream of a career in the arts. My educational path combined the humanities and business, providing a strong foundation for my future pursuits.

Musical Career:

My career as a singer began with a deep connection to my audience through unique and emotive performances. Over the years, I’ve released numerous singles and albums, showcasing my versatility as an artist. My contributions to the music scene have not only enriched the cultural landscape but also inspired many aspiring musicians in Bangladesh.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Beyond my musical career, I am the proud owner of UkuleleCenterBD, a flourishing musical instrument shop. I recognized the growing popularity of the ukulele and established the shop to meet the needs of musicians and enthusiasts. UkuleleCenterBD has become a trusted destination for quality instruments and accessories, reflecting my commitment to promoting musical education and enjoyment.


Leadership and Community Service:

As the 2024 Local President of JCI Dhaka Pioneer, a leading chapter of Junior Chamber International (JCI), I lead initiatives aimed at fostering personal development, social responsibility, and entrepreneurship among young professionals. My efforts in this role have significantly impacted the community, driving positive change and empowering individuals to realize their potential.

Personal Life:

Despite a busy schedule, I remain grounded and dedicated to my family and friends. I believe in maintaining a balanced life, where personal well-being and professional success go hand in hand.


My journey is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and resilience. As a singer, entrepreneur, and community leader, I continue to inspire and make a difference in the lives of many. My story demonstrates what can be achieved with unwavering dedication and a genuine desire to contribute to society.